MD Message

On behalf of my colleagues I extend warm welcome to visitors to the world of Royal Engineering Services. While sharing a review on our capabilities and the range of services. We would like to reaffirm Royal Engineering Services Management’s total commitment to clients to deliver world class, cost effective and safe work. I would also like to give an unequivocal pledge to take necessary steps to ensure the welfare of our human resources and the Preservation of healthy environment at all places where we work.

It is an era of scientific achievements where hearts and minds are controlled by the machines. Yet, we stand tall to maintain our composure through dedicated services to our clients and winning their love and satisfaction. Needles to say it makes us feel very relaxed and proud.

Starting our organization since 1983 on the way of growth over the last 34 Years has become a prominent engineering company of Pakistan. We have Completed many projects all over the country. Moreover, Famous Engineering Company is our group company.

I wish to use this opportunity to request your continue support and Encouragement.

Tahir Nadeem
Managing Director
Royal Engineering Services

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