Royal Group of Companies

Royal group is working mainly in construction, oil and gas, manpower and specialized worker trainings

Our Services

Royal Engineering Services

RES is the parent company and it is working in construction industry particularly in sectors like Oil & Gas,
Chemicals, and Electro-Mechanical EPC projects.

Royal Manpower Solution

RMS is Pakistan’s highly reputed and licensed employment promoter connecting businesses to highly skilled Manpower from Pakistan.

Royal Technical Training Institute

RTI trains the Pakistani workforce and fulfill the needs of not only RES but also help in fulfilling the needs of international clients of RMS.

About Us

By the grace of almighty ALLAH, Royal Engineering Services is one of Pakistan’s most renowned and experienced names in Mechanical Engineering Services Companies since 1983. The dedicated services of our management, engineers and technically skilled staff have made Royal Engineering Services a specialized organization in the fields of Fabrication, Erection, Sand Blasting, Civil Works and Painting. We have successfully met to our contractual obligations up to the entire satisfaction of our all local and multinational clients and consultants. We feel proud of our engineers as at several projects. Due to the site modifications, our main projects of national importance have been as follows:

Power Generation Plants
Fertilizer Industry
Chemical Industry
Cement Industry
Petro Chemical Industry
Pakistan Steel Mill
Sugar Mills
Mobile Phone Towers
Paper Industries
Hydro Power
Gas & Oil Industry
Civil Works
Pre-Engineering Building (PEB)


At Royal Engineering Services, we are dedicated to delivering top-tier mechanical engineering solutions with a focus on quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. Our specialized services, including fabrication, erection, and civil works, aim to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of both local and multinational clients. We build lasting relationships based on trust and a commitment to excellence.”


Royal Engineering Services envisions a future where we lead in mechanical engineering services, setting new standards through innovation and sustainability. Our goal is to expand our global presence, becoming a forefront player in power generation, chemicals, cement, and more. Guided by integrity, we strive to contribute significantly to critical infrastructure development, aiming to be recognized as a symbol of excellence in every project we undertake.”

Clients We Worked With

Why Choose Us?

From executing construction projects to training and providing Manpower

Starting in 1983, Royal Engineering Services has emerged as a key player in the construction industry especially in mechanical constructions. RES has now taken a step forward and has established Royal Manpower Solution and Royal Technical Training Institute to the needs of Skilled Manpower.

Highly Motivated Team

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Royal Group of Companies. If you are looking for a specialized company which can execute your construction and maintenance projects, RES is the right choice. If you are looked for highly skilled manpower, Royal Manpower Solution with Royal Technical Training Institute will always be available to help with your needs.
Tahir Nadeem
Managing director